Week 1: Getting Oriented

September 6: Introductions

Week 2: Getting Our Feet Wet

September 11: History, Memory, and Charlottesville

September 13: Sourcing, Historical and Contemporary

Unit I. “Build the Wall”: Immigration in U.S. History

Week 3: Primary Sources I

September 18: Immigration (Nineteenth Century)

September 20: Library Scavenger Hunt (meet at Snell Library)

Due Friday, September 22 by 5PM: Selection of Research Track / Theme for the semester. Email me: a) the theme, b) one current event or contemporary incident related to it, c) why you chose this theme and what interests you about it, and d) 1-2 ideas for a more specific topic or historical question you might want to investigate within it.

Week 4: Primary Sources II

September 25: Twentieth-Century Immigration

September 27: Twentieth-Century Immigration, Workshop, and Archives

Due Friday, September 29: Primary Source Analysis

Week 5: Secondary Sources and Interpretation

October 2: Interpretations (Contemporary)

October 4: Interpretations (Historical)

Week 6: Historical Research

October 9: [Columbus Day, no class]

Due Tuesday, October 10 by 5PM: Archives Trip Assignment

October 11: Workshop on Data Management, Choosing a Topic, Formulating a Question

Due Sunday, October 15, by 5PM: Email me your final research topic and two specific research questions

Unit II. “This American Carnage Stops Right Here”: Law and Order

Week 7

October 16: Stories and Numbers

October 18: Reading Workshop

  • Lisa McGirr, The War on Alcohol: Prohibition and the Rise of the American State (Preface)

Week 8

October 23: Documentary

  • In-class viewing: Ava DuVernay, 13th

October 25: Monograph (I)

  • Elizabeth Hinton, From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime: The Making of Mass Incarceration in America (Introduction, Chapters 1-4)

Week 9

October 30: Monograph (II)

  • Elizabeth Hinton, From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime: The Making of Mass Incarceration in America (Chapters 5-9, Epilogue)

Due Tuesday, October 31: Précis of Book

November 1: Documentary (II)

  • In-class viewing: Ava DuVernay, 13th

Week 10

November 6: Book Reviews

November 8: Punditry and Advocacy

Unit III. Putting it All Together

Week 11

November 13: History in the 21st Century

Due Tuesday November 14th by 5PM: Book Review related to your topic

November 15: Wikipedia

Week 12

November 20: Public History

  • Kenneth Foote, Shadowed Ground: America’s Landscapes of Violence and Tragedy (Chapter 1: A Landscape of Violence and Tragedy)

November 22: [No Class – Thanksgiving Break]

Week 13

November 27: Podcasting

  • Listen to Episode 5: The Spin Uncivil podcast. Write a brief outline of the episode and its different components.

November 29: Workshop

  • Come to class with your thesis statement written and a draft of your bibliography

Due Friday, December 1 by 11:59PM: Draft of Prospectus

Due Sunday, December 3 by 5:00PM: Podcast episode sent via email/Dropbox

Week 14

December 4: Feedback

  • Read your partner’s draft prospectus and come to class with written comments and feedback
  • Listen to one other group’s podcast and write a one-paragraph response.

December 6: Looking Backwards, Looking Forward

Due Sunday, December 10: Final Draft of Prospectus