Participation and Attendance (25%)

Students are to attend each class having completed the readings or other assignments and be prepared to discuss them. One unexcused absence is allowed per semester, after which any absences will require documentation. See course policies for more information.

Primary Source Analysis (10%)

Close reading and analysis of a primary source (approximately 750-1,000 words). Download the assignment and rubric. Due Friday, September 29 at 5PM.

Archives Assignment (10%)

Written report describing a collection from the Northeastern University Archives and its contents (approximately 1250 words). Download the assignment. Due Tuesday, October 10 at 5PM.

Presentation of Trump Primary Source (10%)

Presentation of a primary source (tweet, memo, speech, press statement, etc.) produced by the Trump administration from the prior week (5-7 minutes). Due between Weeks 3 and 13. Download the assignment, the primary source worksheet, and the rubric I will use.

Book Précis (10%)

Summary of a secondary source related to student’s final research topic (750 words). Download the assignment. Due Tuesday October 31 at 5PM.

Book Review (10%)

Critical analysis of a book related to student’s final research topic (1000 words). Due Tuesday November 14 at 5PM. Download the assignment.

Podcast Episode (5%)

Recorded conversation with another student(s) interviewing each other about your respective research projects. Due Sunday December 3 at 5PM. Download the assignment

Research Prospectus (20%) - Draft 10%, Final 10%

Prospectus of a research project that includes: introduction with overview of project and thesis statement (500-750 words), literature review (1000-1250 words), potential outline (500 words), and bibliography of secondary and primary sources. Download the assignment.

  • Draft Prospectus Due Friday, December 1 at 5PM.
  • Final Prospectus Due Sunday, December 10 at 5PM.