M. 9/3: No Class - Official Holiday

W. 9/5: Introductions

Th. 9/6: Defining America

Topic 1: The “First” Americans?

M. 9/10: Pilgrims and Indians | Stories and Myths

  • Watch first 38:15 minutes of: Neil Diamond, Catherine Bainbridge and Jeremiah Hayes, Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian (2009) - Available on YouTube

W. 9/12: Facing East | Sources and Evidence

Th. 9/13: Changing the Narrative | Interpretations

Topic 2: From Colony to Nation

M. 9/17: Becoming British, Becoming American [Guest Lecture from Molly Nebiolo]

W. 9/19: The Revolution

Citizenship Portfolio Part I (City Meeting) due on Wednesday, September 19th

Th. 9/20: The Constitution

Topic 3: Slavery and Freedom

M. 9/24: King Cotton

W. 9/26: Slave Society

Th. 9/27: Abolitionism and Protest

Weekend Briefing due on Sunday, 9/30

Topic 4: The Civil War and Reconstruction

M. 10/1: Crisis

W. 10/3: War

Th. 10/4: Reconstruction

Topic 5: Making Modern America

M. 10/8: No Class - Official Holiday

W. 10/10: Corporate America

Th. 10/11: No Class: Cancelled

Citizenship Portfolio Part II (Detainee Hearing) due on Sunday, October 14th

M. 10/15: “Build the Wall”

W. 10/17: The Melting Pot I

Th. 10/18: The Melting Pot II

Topic 6: War and Empire

M. 10/22: Colonialism

W. 10/24: World War II

Th. 10/25: The Cold War [Guest lecture from Cassandra Cloutier]

Citizenship Portfolio Part III (Voting Worksheet) due Sunday, October 28th

Topic 7: Elections and Politics

M. 10/29: Mid-Term Elections

  • Research your assigned 20th-century mid-term election and come to class with notes.

W. 10/31: The Rise of the Right

  • Read your Role Sheet and pp. 4-28 of the Gamebook for Reacting to the Past: Chicago, 1968.

Reacting to the Past: Chicago, 1968

Th. 11/1: Set-Up Session

  • Finish reading the Gamebook (pp. 4-44) and prep for a quiz on its contents.

M. 11/5: Game Session 1

W. 11/7: Game Session 2

Th. 11/8: Game Session 2 (cont.)

M. 11/12: No Class - Official Holiday

W. 11/14: Game Session 3

Th. 11/15: Game Session 3 (cont.)

M. 11/19: Game Results and Debrief Session

W. 11/21: No Class - Official Holiday

Th. 11/22: No Class - Official Holiday

Topic 8: Civil Rights

M. 11/26: The Long Civil Rights Movement

W. 11/28: Women’s Rights [Guest lecture from William Whitworth]

  • Julia Longoria, “Sex Appeal” episode of More Perfect podcast, WNYC Studios (November 23, 2017).
  • Email a one-paragraph description of your unessay idea to your TA (cc Professor Blevins on the email).

Th. 11/29: The New Jim Crow

  • Watch first 50 minutes of Ava DuVernay, 13th (2016). Netflix documentary and come to class having completed the accompanying worksheet. Note: there will be a film screening the evening of Wednesday, November 28th from 7:00-8:00pm in Shillman 105.

Topic 9: America Today

M. 12/3: The Arc of History

W. 12/5: The Trump Era

Unessay due on Wednesday, December 12th by 5PM