History of the Western U.S.
Northeastern University, Fall 2019


Participation and Attendance (20%)

Students are to attend each class having completed the readings or other assignments and be prepared to discuss them. See course policies for more information.

Timeline (20%) - Due Sunday October 6th by 11:59PM

Choose a particular location in the western United States and make a timeline about some part of its history. Full description of the assignment.

Pop Culture Review (20%) - Due Sunday November 3rd by 11:59PM

Write a 4-5 page (1,250-1,500 words) review of a movie, TV series, video game, novel, art exhibit, or other piece of pop culture that falls loosely under the “Western” genre. Full description of the assignment.

Unessay (20%) - Due Monday December 2nd at the beginning of class (2:50PM)

A final project on a topic of your choosing relating to the history of the western United States. Full description of the assignment.

Final Exam (20%) - Due Wednesday, December 11th by 11:59PM

Take-home exam consisting of short identifications and essay questions and will be emailed to the class on Sunday, December 8th. You may consult your notes from class along with any of the assigned readings themselves, but you are not allowed to consult outside sources such as Wikipedia or talk about the exam with fellow classmates. You are on your honor code. There is no specific time limit for taking the exam, other than completing and submitting it by Wednesday, December 11th by 11:59PM.