HIST 7370
Texts, Maps, and Networks:
Methods and Readings in Digital History

Professor Cameron Blevins
Northeastern University, Fall 2018
Meserve Hall, Room 206
Weds. 4:35-7:05pm

Course Description

This course explores different ways of doing history in a digital age. It is designed to expose students to the wide variety of work being done computationally by historians and other humanities scholars. Each week, we will look at a different topic in the emergent field of digital history. We will spend the first half of class discussing readings and projects related to that week’s topic. During the second half of class, students will get a hands-on introduction to a particular tool or method, such as building an online public history exhibit in Omeka or constructing a 3D model of a historical building using SketchUp. During the last several weeks of the course, students will choose a particular topic or method and develop their own expertise in that area.

Learning Goals

Note: This course satisfies the introductory requirement for the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities.